Low temperature Soldering Solution "MILATERA"

January 25, 2023

Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryoichi Suzuki) has announced "MILATERA" as a new brand of low-temperature soldering solutions that contributes to carbon neutrality.

The brand name is a coined word derived from "MILA (Japanese future) + TERA (Japanese illuminate × Latin earth)" and has the meaning of "brightly illuminating the future earth".

This solution, which is provided as a trinity of low-temperature soldering materials, soldering equipment, and construction methods, enables low-temperature mounting by using solder with a melting point that is approximately 80°C lower than conventional soldering materials, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and costs.

By doing so, we have a strong desire to achieve carbon neutrality, which is an urgent issue, and aim for a future that is friendly to people and the environment.

By providing and disseminating this solution, we will contribute to carbon neutrality and make further efforts to be recognized as a partner that illuminates the future of the earth.

※MILATERA special site:https://www.senju.com/en/products/pickup/milatera/



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