MILATERA Low Temperature Soldering for Earth

Low-temperature Soldering Solutions [MILATERA]


To a future leading to △t80°C

Soldering requirements have changed
with the times,
and SMIC's low-temperature soldering
solution "MILATERA" is the answer.

We provide "MILATERA" to the
customers in a three-part system which
includes materials, equipment,
and our soldering method.
Solders with a melting point
about 80°C lower than
conventional solders allows
for low-temperature mounting.
This new carbon-neutral option
reduces significant burdens, costs,
and CO2 emissions throughout
the supply chain.

SMIC is aiming for a future
where manufacturing is
done while considering both people and the environment.
Through our technology and passion,
we will pave the way
for various
possibilities as partners in ushering
in a bright future nurtured
over more than 80 years.

Reducing temperature can reduce other
factors and lead to positive outcomes.
That's why the reduction
will lead to a positive future.
The warmheartedness of
our customers and partners
who support this initiative will help to
lower the earth's temperature.
We want to deliver next-generation
mounting technologies
that will lead
to a brighter future for both companies and society.

Solution 01

Wave Soldering Method

Established as the world's first soldering method for effective CO2 reduction in the circuit board mounting process (SCOPE2) in 2022.

Our newly developed wave soldering equipment and post flux helped to establish the world's first mass production process utilizing the low-temperature wave soldering method.
We were also the first in the world to commercialize the usage of flux cored solders for repair. This method was used in the manufacturing of rice cookers by the Panasonic Corporation.

Low-temperature Wave Soldering Method

Soldering Equipment

Post Flux

Flux Cored Solder

Solution 02

Low-Temperature Reflow Soldering Method

Widespread usage for components and circuit boards that are heat-sensitive for effective CO2 reduction in the circuit board mounting process (SCOPE2)

We have developed solder alloys with excellent thermal fatigue and drop resistance. We have a diverse product lineup for paste flux, including products(types) like halogen-free and thermosetting resin. This method is used in many companies such as Lenovo Corporation for their laptop, PCs, and Panasonic Corporation for their camera modules, washing machines, and other products.

Low-Temperature Reflow Soldering Method

Solder Alloy

Paste Flux

Soldering Equipment

Solution 03

Low-Temperature Soldering Materials

CO2 reduction even in SCOPE3
from mineral exploration to refining as observed in the Life Cycle Assessment

We now include sustainability in the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
From the customer's perspective, low-temperature soldering can be expected to reduce CO2 emissions even in the solder material process from mineral exploration to metal refining that falls under SCOPE3.
Although tin-bismuth solders can be hard and brittle, we offer products in various forms.

Low-Temperature Soldering Materials

We Deliver Consistent Quality
Throughout the World

BCP System

Supply System

Consistent Quality

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Low-temperature Soldering Solutions