1938 Established Senju Lead Works Co., Ltd.
1939 Started the production of wire solder, solder bar, resin flux cored solder, and water lead pipes.
1944 Changed the company name to Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
1956 Acquired the solder labeling qualifications as per the JIS qualifications (Headquarters.).
1963 Achieved success in the domestic production of sprinkler heads for fire extinguishers.
Acquired Type 1 Approval from the Fire Research Institute of Japan (currently, the National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster.).
1966 Established a plant in Moka City, Tochigi, Japan.
1977 Developed the silver cored solder balls.
1979 Developed oilless Clean Metal bearings.
1980 Completed the development of the first fully automatic soldering machine.
1982 Completed the development of the first reflow oven.
1985 Started exporting solder manufacturing plants to China and entered into a technical partnership with Chinese manufacturers.
1990 Established manufacturing and sales bases in Malaysia.
Newly established the Iwate Plant (Senju Sprinkler Co., Ltd.).
1997 Established Senju Comtek Corp. in California, United States.
2001 Started sales of the lead-free soldering material M705, which becomes a standard material of JEITA.
2002 Started full-scale production in Huizhou, China.
Established Senju Micro R&D Lab. (currently, Senju Giken Co., Ltd.).
2004 Established SENJU METAL (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
2005 Completed the new Headquarters office building.
2006 Established SENJU KOREA CO., LTD.
2012 The construction of the new research building Nissin Lou inside the headquarter premises was completed.
2014 Acquired official membership in the EICC and the CFSI.
2015 Declared the complete discontinuation of conflict minerals use.
Started sales of LEO, the world's first Sn-Bi series and flux cored solder.
2017 SENJU MANUFACTURING EUROPE S.R.O. started operation in the Czech Republic.

JEITA: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
EICC: Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition