Management philosophy

Perform our mission as a socially valued institution via providing universally beneficial products

“Company” is a place where all employees share core values and are able to use the lines of communication as a “dojo” for the mastery of oneself. It is our strongest desire that company growth is directly interwoven with employee happiness – materially and spiritually. In the face of modern society, as the foundation of a company’s existence, we are expected to continue to provide universally beneficial products year after year. Our management philosophy is to harmonize societal goals with employee desires, thereby enabling our mission to be a valued institution sharing peace, happiness, and progress to all of society.

Three key pillars are necessary under this philosophy in order to advance company development and ensure the success of our mission: Ability, Integrity and a Fighting Spirit. These pillars are the three sacred treasures that form the cornerstones of every aspect of life.

When these pillars are indomitable inside our institution, a bright, peaceful, and vigorous workplace will naturally emerge. We are confident that with this workplace as a driving force, we will overcome any challenges and the company will continue to grow as long as this pioneering spirit is encouraged each and every single day. Together, let’s take this philosophy to heart and embrace it as our belief, and build a bridge of peace and friendship across the entire corporate landscape while progressing into joyful and healthy lives.

The late Mr. Senju Sato Honorary Chairman

Tenure as President:
June 1960 to June 1978
Tenure as Chairman:
July 1978 to May 2008
Tenure as Honorary Chairman:
June 2008 to October 2008

Ability, Sincerity, and Fighting Spirit

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