Basic Policy

1. We comply with relevant laws and regulations, engage in fair and free competition, conduct sensible inter-business transactions, and implement corporate activities in a sincere and fair manner.
2. We create and operate/maintain a system and environment to appropriately manage our company's and other companies’ trade secrets.
3. We keep an accurate record of our accounting information, and we will not engage in inappropriate accounting procedures or make misleading accounting reports.
4. We comply with the laws and regulations related to import/export in our international trading business.
5. We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and we will not infringe on or misuse them.
6. We do not associate with criminal groups and/or individuals who threaten social order and safety, and we will not provide or receive gifts/entertainment for the purpose of unjust profits such as bribes.
7. We prohibit transactions with individuals and organizations participating in disputes or terrorism, we do not use conflict minerals, and we promote responsible mineral procurement.
8. We maintain an internal corporate environment where whistle-blowing is possible.


1. Business integrity
Prohibit any and all forms of corruption, extortion, and embezzlement or falsification.
2. Prohibition on unjust enrichment
Prohibit acts of bribery or other unfair benefits.
3. Information disclosure
Fairly disclose information such as business activities, organizational structure, and financial status.
4. Intellectual property rights
Protect the intellectual property rights of our customers and clients.
5. Fair business activities
Conduct fair and free competition as well as honest and fair business activities.
6. Protection of identity
Keep the identity of any whistle-blower employee confidential.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a huge risk to a business. The employee office regulations stipulate the importance of compliance. Employees sincerely observe these regulations to maintain order in the company. "Fair Trade and Ethics" in the SMIC Group CSR Basic Policy and "Ethics" in "CSR Goals" prohibit acts of bribery in order to prevent corruption.

Smile Mail System

We have set up a service to assist in resolving issues related to corporate ethics such as harassment and complaints of offensive conduct