SMIC Group CSR Basic Policy

Basic Policy

Based on our Management Philosophy, we strive to act upon the following, aiming to achieve the highest possible standards by maintaining balanced and harmonious relationships with stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, local communities, financial institutions and government agencies.

Human Rights and Labor Standards

1. We strictly adhere to all relevant employment and labor laws to ensure compliance with human rights standards, including child labor and forced labor.

2. We respect the differences among individual employees as an equal opportunity employer, and do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on age, race, color, religion, gender, nationality, mental or physical challenges, violence or harassment that harms other individuals.

3. We strive to maintain a positive work environment by communicating frequently with our employees.

Health and Safety

1. We strive to comply with federal and local labor law standards and health and safety legislation to achieve good standards of practices and to create comfortable and hygienic working environments.

2. We establish a health and safety management system and actively promote necessary measures through organizational and departmental functions to prevent occupational hazards.

3. Our employees comply with all applicable laws and company standards and promote good health and adopt safe practices.


1. We comply with environmental regulations and agreements with each region and government, furthermore we strive to improve our managemental standards by establishing necessary voluntary guidelines such as chemical substance management.

2. We recognize issues not only of our business and regional domains, but also of the global environment. We create an environmental action plan with the following essential themes to carry out activities for continuously reduced environmental impact.

  1. We strive to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent global warming.
  2. We strive to reduce waste by promoting resource conservation, decreased waste generation, reuse, and recycling to protect the earth’s resources.
  3. We strive to reduce and prohibit the use of chemical substances with a large environmental impact to protect our environment and health.
  4. We engage in nature conservation activities such as tree planting to conserve ecosystems of wildlife, forests, and oceans on the earth and to secure biodiversity.

3. We contribute to society by creating and supplying environmentally conscious designed products that fulfill various life stages. We also request our suppliers disclose information concerning these matters.

4. We make effective use of our environmental and quality management systems to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution by continuously improving environmental performance through targeted management, thorough education, and audits.

5. We aim to be a good corporate citizen by communicating with local communities about our environmental activities, disclosing information and actively participating in local environmental conservation activities.

6. We set environmental policies, environmental objectives, and targets, and review them regularly and as necessary.

Competitions and Fair Trading

1. We comply with relevant laws and regulations to engage in free competition, business with responsible companies, and activities with the highest standard of ethics and integrity.

2. We establish a management system to implement and maintain confidentiality of internal and external business information.

3. We make certain that information that is made public or prepared to report for a specific institution shall be disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner in accordance with the internal control process to ensure its accuracy based on the available information.

4. We comply with relevant laws and regulations to properly handle import and export transactions.

5. We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and will not infringe or misuse them.

6. We have no relationships with antisocial forces that threaten social order and security, and we do not offer or receive gifts and entertainment for improper benefits such as bribes.

7. We prohibit transactions with individuals and organizations involved in conflict and terrorism, ensure the non-use of conflict minerals, and promote responsible mineral procurement.

8. We set up an anonymous reporting channel for unethical and/or illegal behavior within the organization.

Product Quality and Safety

1. We comply with customer requirements and related regulations, and strive to continually improve customer satisfaction through the supply of products and services with excellent quality and safety.

2. We develop, implement and maintain a quality management system and improve its effectiveness in accordance with our quality manual.

3. We promote activities based on quality policies and targets, regularly review them as necessary, and evaluate opportunities to improve our management system in terms of interval, frequency, and situation.

4. We assess the need for changes to the quality management system and, if necessary, review it to maintain its appropriateness to our Management Philosophy.

Information Security

1. We take appropriate measures to protect against threats to computer networks, and manage and protect them to prevent ourselves and others from harm.

2. We appropriately manage and protect personal information to prevent loss, leakage and falsification.

3. We appropriately manage and protect confidential information received from customers and partners to prevent loss, leakage and falsification.

4. We appropriately handle technical information, trade secrets, and other valuable information to protect our rights and interests.

5. We provide appropriate information security education and training to employees to conduct their duties based on the correct use.

6. We appropriately use social media as a sensible member of society.

Community Engagement

We interact with local communities, related industries and organizations to cooperate on local activities.

Presideent Ryoichi Suzuki