Sparkle Flux 405F

Excellent wettability even with hard-to-solder materials


  • Realizes excellent wettability even with hard-to-solder materials, such as copper alloys and stainless steel.
  • Realizes excellent cleaning in hot or cold water.
  • Can be used directly with a heat source, such as a burner.
Product name (wt%) Solid content (wt%) Specific gravity (at 20°C) Diluent
405F 45 1.408 Deionized water


  • As the residue is corrosive, be sure to clean it off with hot or cold water (60°C or hotter) and then rinse the PCB thoroughly immediately after soldering.
  • Dispose of any cleaning waste in compliance with the standards followed by your local government.
  • Make sure that you wear personal safety equipment and do not come in direct contact with the flux fumes generated during soldering.
  • After completing the soldering work, take other precautions such as washing your hands and rinsing your mouth.

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