N2 Atmosphere Reflow Oven - Vacuum TypeSVR-625GT-C

Nitrogen Atmosphere Convection Vacuum Reflow Oven SVR-625GTC

Reduces voids with a design that is familiar with the properties of soldering materials

  • Void free and splashing-proof by vacuum chamber
  • Enhanced production efficiency through unique inline conveyance system
  • Convection heating by the cross nozzles on top and bottom of the tunnel saves more energy
  • Support high temperature soldering (380℃ max.)

Furnace configuration

Void-free vacuum oven

  • Optimal time/vacuum degree control prevents solder splashing and improves conveyor takt time
  • Further prevented void by the combination with most suitable solder materials
  • Large-size substrate soldering is available by convection heating mechanism with cross-nozzles

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Notebook PC display panel

3D display for easy operation

Safety light curtain

Improved maintenance safety

UPS power supply

Safe stop in the event of a power outage

Other equipment

  • PLC + PC control
  • Heated zone flux management system
  • PCB fall detection
  • PCB counter
  • Oxygen analyzer
  • Automatic oxygen concentration control
  • Independent fan control (tripartition)
  • Profile measurement mode
  • Weekly timer
  • Conveyor special surface treatment(chain, key materials and sprockets)
  • Signal tower
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment
  • Chiller unit

Traceability function [optional]

Number of panels, QR and bar code management system

Automatic changeover by bar code [optional]

Functions that enable changeover without errors

Other equipment

  • Up/down mechanism of top-bottom labyrinth curtains
  • 全ゾーン分割制御
  • Operator/engineer mode
  • Display in English, or Chinese
Dimensions (L×W×H) 5,550 x 1,440 x 1,540mm
Conveyor height 900 ±20mm
Transfer form Pin-chain type
Board dimensions (W×L) W: 100 - 250mm, L: 100 - 300mm
Component height ≦10mm
Heating zone 5
Vacuum zones 1
Cooling zone 1
Side edge clearance 5 mm
N2 (Nitrogen) gas supply ≧99.999%, ≧0.4MPaG, max. 600NL/min
N2 (Nitrogen) gas usage Component height/STD:≦10mm, ≧10mm 400NL/min
Power requirement 200V, max 31kW, 90A, 3-phase

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