SMIC Group CSR Basic Policy

Basic Policy

We have basic policy(based on Management Philosophy) that governs maintaining of a balanced and harmonious relationship with stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers, local communities, financial institutions and governments.
We strive to fulfill the following commitments to achieve the highest possible level of standards.

Human Rights and Labor Standards

1. We adhere strictly to relevant employment and labor laws to ensure compliance with human rights standards, including child labor and forced labor.

2. We strive to value and respect the differences among individuals in the workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

3. We strive to maintain positive work environment by communicating frequently with our employees.

Health and Safety

1. We ensure to be compliant with federal and local labor law standards and health and safety legislation to achieve the standards of good practices and to create comfortable and hygienic working environments.

2. By establishing and implementing a Management Systems for Health and Safety, we provide sufficient resources to protect our employees and to ensure that risks are effectively managed and alleviated.

3. We adopt and implement appropriate preparative measures for emergencies.

4. We strictly comply with all applicable laws and established standards to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring in the workplace by actively promoting good health and adopting safe practices.


1. We fully comply with all relevant legislations in all areas in which we operate and to set our own environmental targets to adopt responsible environmental practices.

2. We assess, evaluate, quantify and monitor our business activities that may or may not have affect and impact the environment:

  • Energy and resource conservation preservation
  • Appropriately manage disposal of contaminated water and reduction of wastes.
  • Reduction in the use of hazardous chemical substances
  • Hazardous substances/materials and wastes are properly identified and handled according to the related hazardous materials regulations.

3. To protect the Earth's ecosystems such as wildlife habitat, forests, oceans, and to conserve biodiversity, we will participate in environmental preservation activities such as tree planting.

4. We work diligently to build and maintain relationship with the community to protect and sustain environment.

Competitions and Fair Trading

1. We comply with relevant laws and regulations to engage in free competition and conduct business with the highest standard of ethics and integrity.

2. We endeavor to establish a management system in order to implement and maintain confidentiality of internal and external business information.

3. We will make certain that all disclosures made in financial reports and public documents are full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable.

4. We fully comply with relevant laws and regulations to properly handle import and export transactions.

5. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and will not infringe any third parties rights.

6. We will not have any interaction with any group or faction that threatens the public safety or security.

7. We avoid engaging in any actions that creates a perception that illicit gains are made in exchange for offering or receiving money, gifts or personal business courtesies.

8. Transactions with individuals or groups or factions that directly or indirectly support or assist military conflict or terrorism shall be forbidden, and thorough measures shall be taken to ensure that conflict minerals are not used where it is appropriate.

9. We set up an anonymous reporting channel for unethical and/or illegal behavior within the organization.

Product Quality and Safety

1. We comply with customer requirements, related laws and regulations, and strive to improve customer satisfaction continually through the supply of products and services with excellence in quality and safety.

2. According to the Quality Manual, we develop, implement and maintain a management system, and continually improve its effectiveness.

3. In addition to activities necessary to maintain our quality policy for achieving quality goals, we review and amend the management system on a regular basis and evaluate (interval, frequency, scene) opportunities for additional improvement.

4. We assess the need for improvement of the quality management system.
If any amendment is required, we will make necessary changes while maintaining the adequacy of management philosophy.

Information Security

1. We take highly advanced protective measures against cyber threats on our computer network and manage our computer system to safeguard it so that no harm will come to others and our own.

2. In order to prevent breach of confidentiality and possible loss of personal information of customers, third-party and our employees, we implement various security measures to manage and protect their information properly.

3. In order to prevent breach and loss of confidential information received from a third party and customer, we manage and protect their information appropriately.

4. We acknowledge that use of social media presents certain risks and carries with it certain responsibilities, and strive to properly utilize social media as a responsible and mature member of the society.

Social contribution (Community Engagement)

We strive to actively participate in social contribution activities and to build long-term relationships with community neighbors and partners.

Presideent Ryoichi Suzuki