Environmental Philosophy and Policy

Environmental Philosophy

We recognize that all humanity has the duty to protect and conserve the global environment. To achieve the common goal of creating a sustainable society, we are fully committed to implementing environmentally sound business practices and help preserve the beauty of nature and diverse ecosystems.

Environmental Policy

We strive to integrate the environmental values to the SMIC group worldwide and systematically promote full participation of all employees in environmental activities towards a sustainable society.

1. Our commitment to the environmental goes beyond complying with environmental laws and regulations. By adopting stricter self-imposed standards such as chemical substance management, we pursue to achieve a higher level of environmental control. Furthermore, we aim to work in harmony with communities and local government on the environmental awareness.

2. We recognize that business activities are related to the environmental challenges not only on a local level but also on a global scale. By focusing on the following four initiatives, we are dedicated in developing environmental action plans to achieve continuous reduction in environmental impact.

  • To prevent global warming, we are committed to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To conserve the Earth's natural resources, we aim to save resources and minimize waste generation through efforts that include reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • To protect the environment and human health, we strive to reduce and/or eliminate the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.
  • To protect the Earth's ecosystems such as wildlife habitat, forests, oceans, and to conserve biodiversity, we will participate in environmental preservation activities such as tree planting.

3. By enabling environmentally conscious design, we intensify our efforts to develop environmentally conscious products that will focus on various life-cycle stages for contributing to the society. In addition, we will work together with the suppliers by sharing information and responsibilities.

4. By effectively integrating Environmental Management System and Quality Management System, we strive for continual improvements in the environmental performance by establishing goals, training, and audits to reduce pollution and environmental impacts.

5. Enhance communication with local communities, exchange information, and actively engage in the local environmental preservation activities to fulfill our responsibilities as good "corporate citizens".

6. Establish environmental policy, environmental targets and goals, and reassess periodically and as needed.

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President Ryoichi Suzuki